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Monday, 13 August 2012

Old Church area Rhoose Point

 A couple of photos from Rhoose - hopefully the id's are right, I'm very happy to be corrected if they are not!  Both these photos are taken from the area where the Scarce Blue-tailed Damselflies have been found in the past, and where I think some scrub clearance would be in order!  There were a couple of other Odonata species on the wing that afternoon, but these were the only two I could get close enough to have a good look at & photograph!

Blue-tailed Damsefly
Common Darter


Mark Hipkin said...

Nice one Adam. The Common Darter looks to be an immature female which can easily be mistaken.
Charles Hipkin had a couple of Migrant Hawkers at Baglan Bay on the weekend so a nice coastal site like Rhoose Point may well have held some this weekend. They can be quite flighty, and may possibly have been one of the other species?
With such strong winds coming from the continent over the next few days it will be well worth being on the look out for other rarer migrant dragonflies too.

Adam mantell said...

Thanks Mark, the other dragonfly I saw was probably a Hawker of some kind but thanks for the tip re migrants - time permitting I will try to get out with the camera again over the next few days. Rhoose seems to be good for migrant moths, so I guess there is a fighting chance the same will be true for Odonata!