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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Rhoose Point 9 June

 A few snaps from this afternoon's short trip round Rhoose Point.  Also a Broad-bodied Chaser on the wing.  I'm not especially confident about the id's for the damsels, and am happy to be corrected if any are wrong!

Blue-tailed f. rufescens?
Common Blue heterochrome form?


Mark Hipkin said...

Hi Adam,
species-wise I would agree with your id's. The broad antehumeral stripes are good features to look for in Common Blues whatever the form. Their size always appears quite bulky to me when compared with other blue damsel species, from our area. I'm not too hot on the forms, but I do like the 'heterochrome' form of the Common Blue photo. It almost looks yellow along the abdomen, although I'm guessing it is 'dull green' in real life? I like also that you can see what are described as "rocket shapes" on S3 to S7 ,another feature that helps ID the damsel as a female Common Blue.

Adam mantell said...

Many thanks for the helpful tips Mark! It would be a lot easier if they were all the same colour, if dull!