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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sorry for Late Post

Sunday 14/07/13 Took a trip down to Bridgend to look at another pool but found you have to be an angler with the Glamorgan A.C. to get in there, NO PUBLIC ACCESS. The pool is at Treoes SS 94613 79116.

So carried on to Kenfig to pick up the Red-veined Darter and was not disapointed.
The place was awash with Dragons, at the first stile I saw Hundreds of Common Blue Damsels and a few Blue-tailed Damsels also Keeled skimmers, Common Darters,Broad-bodied Chasers, Black-tailed Skimmers and Emperors. I walked along the bank until I found the Red-veined Darters and carried on until I came to a pool behind the main lake and just behind the Bird hide SS 79911 81946, I was amazed at the number of Four-spotted Chasers and Broad-bodied Chasers flying around this pool, also some Black-tailed Skimmers and Emperors.

Once I came back down to earth I made the long walk back to the car and headed for home but stopped of at Parc Slip to see if there was anything about, apart from some Large Red Damsels, Common Blues and Blue-tailed Damsels on the pool by the visiting centre I only came across 3m and 1f Broad-bodied Chasers on a pool near the first bird hide SS 8777884144.

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Mark Hipkin said...

A good day indeed. Good series of shots and nice account.