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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Llanilid south pools

Black Darters
Southern  and Migrant hawkers Red veined darters Black darters Common darters and a possible female yellow winged darter could not get a photo to confirm this all seen at the south pools


Adrian Parr said...

Hi Alun,
Interesting news about the possible Yellow-winged Darter; there have been a few seen in The Netherlands this year, though not huge numbers. It's perhaps worth mentioning that some Red-veined Darters can also show quite a lot of yellow at the base of the wing. I wonder if this individual will hang around?

Alun Hughes said...

Hi Adrian it was flying with the R.V.D and roughly the same size no bigger the lower part of the eyes frons were yellow and the yellow on the wings was spread out more along the wing and the top half of its body was a slightly darker yellow and a strong thick black line across the length needed a pic to sit down and have a good look at it just didn't have time on it at any onetime and could not get a pic to be 100percent still a lot flying at this site will look again when over there (most days) all the beat Alun ps if anyone is over there as you look down it was the right hand side pool in the long stretch between the pool and track

Alun Hughes said...

That should be all the best Alun ,how do you edit comments I have not got a clue will have to get the kids to show me