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Thursday 27 September 2012

Lavernock Point

Migrant Hawker 2 & Common Darter 2 in tandem. Also Migrant Hawker Cardiff Bay.

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Red-veined Darter at Lavernock LNR

News from David Carrington.

A Red-veined Darter was at Lavernock LNR, yesterday. It was seen in the first field by Tony Messinger

Saturday 8 September 2012

Back to Kenfig...

Ovipositing tandem Common Darters
Revisit to Kenfig Pool for Ruddy Darter or rarer darters, was once again unsuccessful. I teamed up with Paul Grennard for the afternoon and a couple of circuits of the pool were lacking in any Ruddy Darter sightings. A conversation with Dave Carrington later suggested that the areas near both hides are good locations, as are the muddied shores of the western pool, but that, Ruddy Darter can be seen throughout the reserve. However, and even though no Ruddy Darters were seen, there was plenty of activity around the pool including some nice late Black-tailed Skimmer records. No fewer than 4 Black-tails were noted including a very dark over-mature individual seen by Paul before I had arrived.

Totals : 30+ Migrant Hawker, 4 male Emperor Dragonfly, 4 male Black-tailed Skimmer, c 90 Common Darter and 150+ Common Blue Damselfly

Friday 7 September 2012

Recent VC41 sightings

1) Small pond below Llyn Fawr. Near to Cwm-hwnt on OS map (SN 914 051)

Totals : 1 Golden-ringed Dragonfly and c30 Black Darter. Also good numbers of Emerald Damselfly

2) Hirwaun Ind estate sub-station ((SN 937 058)

Totals : 1 Southern Hawker and Common Darter also present.

From Martin Bevan (2/9/12)

Thursday 6 September 2012

Kenfig Pool

male Migrant Hawker
A late afternoon trip to Kenfig Pool, today, was fairly productive. The target being Ruddy Darter but, once again, I've failed to connect with this species. Two species were in abundance, Common Blue Damselfly and Migrant Hawker. Both species were providing an almost constant presence during a walk around the pool. I would easily put the number at 20+ Migrant Hawkers with three tandem wheels noticed, thought to be this species? The number of Common Blue Damselfly also seemed impressive given the time of year? A conservative estimate would put the figure at 200+

Totals : 1male Southern Hawker, 20+ Migrant Hawker, 30 Common Darter, 9 Emerald Damselfly, 6 Blue-tailed damselfly and 200+ Common Blue Damselfly

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Banwen Pools

male Black Darter
A few dragons still active into the evening during a quick visit to a pool near Banwen.

Totals :  1 male Southern Hawker, 8 male Black Darter, 20 Common Darter, 10 Emerald Damselfly, 6 Blue-tailed Damselfly and 50 Common Blue Damselfly. Also nearby, 1 male Common Hawker.