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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Cosmeston Lakes 25/06/2017

At the pool to the left of the visitor centre there was not alot about this could be down to the fact a pair of coots have nested on this pool and had a couple of young, so anything flying would have been snapped up for food. I did find a couple of Azure Damsels in tandem with the female ovipositing and a female Emperor ovipositing here as well.

Strangely I did not see any large Red Damsels at both sites.

Lavernock NR 25/06/2017

Not much flying early morning at the small dragonfly pool just a single male Broad-bodied Chaser and some damselflies, Azure and Blue-tailed.

When I passed it a few hours later there were three male BB Chasers plus a female Emperor ovipoiting.

I then went on to Cosmeston Lakes.

Tuesday 20 June 2017

River Taff at Pontypridd. 20/06/2017

While crossing the old bridge today I looked down to the river and a male Beautiful Demoiselle flew across from one bank to the other. A good indicator of the quality of the river.

Parc Cwm Darran 18/06/2017

When I got to P.C.D. at lunch time it was getting very hot and I was not expecting to see alot but at the Dragonfly ponds they were alive with life. All Three ponds were alive with Azure Damselflies with a few Large Red and Blue-tailed amongst them plus male Broad-bodied Chasers on all Three.

There was a hawker patroling along the hedge but flying to high to identify, I also saw Two male and One female Beautiful Demoiselle on the stream but too many trees and shrubs to get a photo.

Penallta Parc 18/06/2017

The horse shoe ponds at Penallta were very busy with alot of Large Red, Azure and Blue-tailed Damselflies with some Large Red and Azure seen in tandem and cartwheeling.

On the first pond there was Two male Broad-bodied Chasers fighting over a Female who was ovipositing, and on some of the other ponds more male Broad-bodied Chasers plus Two male Four-spotted Chasers.

I then moved on to P.C.D.

Sunday 18 June 2017

Parc Slip 17 June

Too hot for this grumpy old man to be out in the sun, and obviously the wildlife agreed because there was not a lot about, Broad-bodied Chaser at the dragonfly pond, and an Emperor passing through at speed and a selection of damsels on the pond near the cafe. Saw Common Blue, Blue-tailed, Azure (2 images) and Large Red with the latter being seen in tandem ovipositing.

Friday 16 June 2017

Parc Cwm Darran 11/06/2017

Tried Penallta first but something going on there so went onto Pacr Cwm Darran, the weather was not brilliant with intermittent showers and high winds so nothing flying. At the dragonfly ponds there were a few Damselflies, Large Red, Blue-tailed and Azure but they were keeping to the shelter of the hedgerow.

 I did find a new emergence and although a bit early in the year I believe it is a Common Hawker poss female, I did manage to hook out the Exuvia from the pond and I am certian its a Common Hawker.

 Hope the weather improves soon.