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Monday 19 September 2016

Lavernock Point NR and Cosmeston Lakes 18/09/2016

Alot of activity at the small pool at Lavernock with up to 15 pairs of Common Darters in tandem and ovipositing and a few singles in the area plus a pair of Migrant Hawkers copulating. There were also Two males patroling plus a male Southern Hawker.

At Cosmeston on the pool to the left of the visitor centre there were again alot of Common Darters in tandem and ovipositing plus Three male Migrant Hawkers patroling the pool.

Friday 2 September 2016

Cosmeston Lakes 28/08/2016

Checked out the pool to the left of the visitor centre, there was a male and female Emperor (the female was ovipositing) Two other Hawkers (Common/Migrant) again camera shy plus a few Blue-tailed Damsels. A number of male Common Darters were basking on the board-walk.

Walking around the park there were alot of Common Blue Damsels in the meadow areas and at the main Dragonfly pool there were alot of Dragons hawking over the pool but the only ones I could catch on camera were a male Emperor and a male Common Darter.

Apart from a few camera shy Dragons it was a good day.

Lavernock Point NR 28/08/2016

A few Dragons at the small pool at Lavernock NR, a male Southern Hawker who did not want his photo taken, a Common Hawker who was more accommodating and alot of Common Darters some in tandem.

I then moved on to Cosmeston