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Wednesday 21 October 2015

canal Forest Farm - 20 October

Lots of Common Darter around the reeds on the canal - mostly male. Did see one pair in tandem that appeared to be ovipositing. Brief sighting of a dragonfly with black and green abdomen - but it didn't come close enough to see any detail. Nothing else around.

Sunday 18 October 2015

29 June larva query

Recently found this picture, which I had obviously overlooked at the time. It was on the far side of a pond at Parc Slip so this image is a serious crop from the original. I had already stayed longer than I'd planned so couldn't wait to see what emerged.

A long shot, but can this be identified?

Wednesday 14 October 2015

Penallta Park & Parc Cwm Darren 11/10/2015

Had a good look around the horse-shoe ponds at Penallta but there were no Dragons about, there was a cold wind and it was overcast so that could have kept them in hiding. I did find 68 Kidney-spot Ladybirds on the willow bushes around the ponds so it was not a waste of time.
Then went on to PCD where there was some better luck as the sun came out and the wind was not so bad, I found Five male Common Darters with a male & female in tandem at the dragonfly pond but nothing else.

Looks like we are comming to the end of another season.

Wednesday 30 September 2015

Roath Park Wildlife Gardens 30/09/2015

Still some Dragons to be found with this nice weather, at Roath Park Wildlife Gardens I found some Common Blue Damsels and a Female Common Darter enjoying the sun and a Hawker flying around but staying high in the trees so unable to get a good look for id.

Sunday 20 September 2015


Black darter still flying at South pools today with good numbers of common darters and hawkers

Saturday 12 September 2015

Barry Sidings & Gelliwion Forestry, Hopkinstown. 10.09.2015

Barry Sidings is a small country park near Pontyprid with Two small fishing lakes, some wooded area and then the forestry. Around the lakes were a few Damsels:- Emerald, Blue-tailed and Common Blue plus Common Darter Dragonflies male & female One pair in tandem and ovipositing. There were Three hawkers, Two I know were Male Southern Hawkers the other I`m not sure. Walking up into the forestry I found Common Darters on the road tracks plus a Male Golden-ringed Dragon.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Cosmeston Lakes 06/09/2015

After Lavernock Point I went to Cosmeston Lakes and the Dragonfly pond to the left of the visitors centre. Only a few Dragons about Blue-tailed and Azure Damsels, Common Darters and Two male Migrant Hawkers patroling the pond. In the pond I did get a glimpse of a Dragonfly Larvae, unable to identify from the photo (anyone care to have a go?).

Continued to walk around the rest of Cosmeston and found plenty of Common Darters sunning themselves away from the water, at the large Dragonfly pond two Hawkers fighting for control of the pond but too far away for clear ident. Although I did catch these Two male Common Darters basking on the sign which I thought was quite apt. On the way back to the car I came across this Male Emperor taking advantage of the sun.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

Lavernock NR 06/09/2015

Bright and sunny so expected to see something on the wing today and was not disappointed. At the Dragonfly pond a male Emperor was patroling for a while but then moved off but there was still plenty of Common Darters around, I counted 13 pairs in tandem and ovipositing but were being harassed by a male Southern Hawker. The only Damsel seen was a lone Blue-tailed male. There were more Common Darters around and about the reserve basking in the sunshine.

Today saw 4 Black Darters in two pools alongside the now blocked off track to Rhaslas Pond - 3 males and a teneral. Yesterday at Aberthaw Lagoon, Migrant Hawker seemed to be in good numbers.

Saturday 5 September 2015

Llanerch & Parc Slip

Overcast and a bit of a chill in the breeze at Llanerch this morning so not a lot about - some Blue-tailed and a couple of male Common Darter.

Not a lot more in the sunshine at Parc Slip this afternoon - Blue-tailed and Common Darter mainly, but also  Southern Hawker and (possibly) an Emerald Damselfly. Both the latter kept their distance so images are severe 'crops'.

Common Darter

Southern Hawker

Emerald Damselfly query

Thursday 3 September 2015

Parc Cwm Darren 01/09/2015

After a quick cup of coffee I took a walk along the top path to the Dragonfly pond, there were plenty of Common Darters on the path and the rocks nearby M & F. At the pond the only Damsels seen were Emeralds with some in tandem, a male Emperor was patroling the pond but did stop for a bit so I could ge a photo. Around the pond I found a female Southern Hawker ovipositing, there were a few male Common Darters fighting for the best spots. There was nothing flying around on the main lake.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Penallta Parc, 01/09/2015

A bit windy, cold and overcast when I arrived at the horse-shoe ponds so not alot moving just a single female Common Darter some Emerald Damsels and a few Blue-tailed Damsels. I looked around for a couple of hours without any sightings of anything else, as I was leaving the sun came out and so did some male Common Darters. I then moved on to Parc Cwm Darren.

Sunday 23 August 2015

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Llanerch Wood 16/08/2015

After a long night moth trapping at Merthr Mawr Saturday/Sunday and not alot of sleep after, I decided to keep it local and spent a couple of hours at Llanerch Wood. Just like Howard last week there were plenty of Blue-tailed Damsels and a few Common Blues, I also found the Red-eyed Damsels on the lily pads with this pair ovipositing. On the Dragon front there was a male Emperor patroling both pools and a couple of male Common Darters on the foot-paths. As I was about to leave I found this male Beautiful Demoiselle perched on a small oak tree by the pool.


Thursday 13 August 2015

Parc Slip - 12 August

Called into Parc Slip on Wednesday for a short walk. Lots of Blue-tailed and Azure damsels around the pond near the visitor centre and a very nice Golden-ringed Dragonfly made a very brief appearance which made up for the lack of anything else.

Golden-ringed Dragonfly
Quite a few Common Darters at the pond near the Northern Wetlands hide, with several pairs in tandem. The pond was being patrolled by a male Emperor but it wouldn't sit for a photo. A lot of Blue-tailed damsels here as well.

Common Darter

Tuesday 11 August 2015

Llanwonno 09/08/15

Tried to find the reservoir tucked away in the forestry but came across the Daerwonno Outdoor Centre which lucky for me had a pool. Around the pool were lots of Common Blue Damsels resting on the reeds and grasses, also found was a single female Common Darter. There was a hawker flying around the pool and the nearby clearing but did not settle but I did find this female Southern Hawker new emergence along with its Exuviae, just had time to get some photos before the rain set in. I will have to visit another day.

Thursday 6 August 2015


Called in at Llanerch this afternoon - nice and sunny but the breeze meant that nothing was stationary for long. The only dragonfly seen was a Common Darter sunning itself on one of the handrails but lots of damselflies, many flying in tandem.

Several Common Blue and lots of Blue-tailed Damselflies around the pond margins and sitting on the lily pads. Also saw Red-eyed Damselflies in tandem - never seen these before! As I was returning to the car,  there was one of the colour variants of Blue-tailed ( I think) sitting on the path - quite oblivious to me and others passing by.

Common Blue Damselfly

Red-eyed Damselflies

Blue-tailed Damselfly  ?


A quick photo i had taken in July that I was going to look at when i got home ,only sat down to look at it now only to find it is scarce blue tailed damselfly