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Monday 22 September 2014

WWT. Llanelli 21/09/2014

Out of county on Sunday with a trip to WWT Llanelli for a spot of birdwatching. A few Dragons on the wing in and around the grounds, a Migrant Hawker flying around the British Steel Hide and One on the pond outside the cafe. In total Five flying in front of the Herron-wing Hide and Three on part of the fishing ponds plus this one on the path around the Millenium grounds.
Also found on the path this Southern Hawker.
Did not count the Common Darters seen but it was alot, also a few Common and Azure Damselflies.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

Llanilid south pools

Black Darters
Southern  and Migrant hawkers Red veined darters Black darters Common darters and a possible female yellow winged darter could not get a photo to confirm this all seen at the south pools

Migrant hawkers at Parc slip today.

Sunday 14 September 2014


Southern and Migrant hawkers plus lots of jet black Male Black darters and one black tailed skimmer

Cosmeston today 14/09/2014

Nothing flying early morning until lunch time then the sun came out and the temp warmed up. Over by the pond to the left of the visitor centre there were 20+ Common Darters in tandem and nearly all were ovipositing with a few single males looking for partners.
Patroling around the pond edges were Three male Migrant Hawkers looking quite pristine.
I saw One female in the margins ovipositing and this pair copulating near by.
When leaving the pond the main boardwalk to the car park was awash with male Common Darters.

Sunday 7 September 2014

Roath Parc Today - 07/09/2014

Alot of Damselflies on the wing around the main lake, mainly Common Blues with some Blue-tailed and Azures. I even saw a new emergence near the outlet stream but unable to get a photo for record.
At the top end near the islands due to the pond weed being at the surface there were alot of Damsels over the water some in tandem with a few Male Common Darters holding territory plus I saw Four Hawkers patroling the island vegetation near the waters edge but not sure what they were as I did not have my bins with me.